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Statistical Uniform Prices

The report announces the monthly producer price differential (PPD) per hundredweight (cwt) and utilization of producer milk. The PPD is the remaining market value of producer milk after accounting for the component values. The PPD for the California Federal order is announced at the principle pricing point of Los Angeles County, CA, at $2.10 per cwt. and the PPD value is adjusted by location of the plant of first receipt. Maps showing the location value by county are available here.

The producer values for butterfat, protein, and other solids are the Class III prices previously announced for the month. See Class and Component Prices.

The statistical uniform price is the PPD added to the Announced Class III price at the standard component tests.

The producer price differential is announced on or before the 14th day after the end of the month. See Reporting and Payment Dates for a schedule of pool and payment dates.

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