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  • Distributing Plant: A plant where Class I products are processed or packaged. To be pooled on FO 51, a distributing plant must utilize at least 25 percent of the total quantity of fluid milk products physically received at the plant (excluding concentrated milk received from another plant by agreement for other than Class I use) as route sales (dispositions). Additionally, at least 25 percent of such route sales and transfers must be to outlets in the marketing area. 1051.5 and 1051.7

    Distributing Plant Market Report
  • Partially Regulated Plant: A nonpool plant that is not a plant fully regulated under another Federal order, a producer-handler plant, or an exempt plant, from which there is route disposition in the marketing area during the month. 1051.8(c)

    Partially Regulated Plant Market Report
  • Cooperative 9(c): An AMS qualified cooperative who receives raw milk from its members and delivers it to a pool plant or diverts it to a nonpool plant. 1051.9(c)

    Cooperative 9(c) Market Report
  • Pooled Supply Plant: A plant that supplies at least 10 percent of their Grade A dairy farmer milk to a distributing plant. 1051.6(c)

    Pooled Supply Plant Market Report
  • Manufacturing/Nonpool Plant: Any plant not a pool plant. This includes manufacturing plants and unregulated supply plants. 1051.8

    Manfacturing/Nonpool Plant Market Report
  • Producer Handler Report: A dairy farm and plant operated by the same entity where the total route dispositions in the marketing area are less than 3 million pounds per month and receives milk from its own farm production. The plant receives no more than 150,000 pounds of fluid milk products from fully regulated handlers. 1051.8 and 1051.10

    Producer Handler Report
  • Exempt Handler Report: Exempt Handler is a plant that is operated by a governmental agency that has no route disposition in commercial channels; or a plant that is operated by a duly accredited college or university disposing of fluid milk products only through the operation of its own facilities with no route disposition in commercial channels; or a plant from which the total route disposition is for individuals or institutions for charitable purposes without remuneration; or a plant that has route disposition and packaged sales of fluid milk products to other plants of 150,000 pounds or less during the month. 1051.8(e)

    Exempt Handler Report
  • Report of Milk Products Dumped or Lost: To qualify for appropriate credit for dumped or lost product, notification must be made to the Market Administrator's office by electronic notification, telephone, fax, or e-mail by the next business day.

    Dump Milk Form
  • Notification of Producer Change(s) Report: Please complete and submit on or before the 9th day after the end of the month for a new producer, producer name change, address change, or producer going out of business.

    Producer Change Form
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